Need affordable color copies for printing? Printkeg is your go-to! Since 2008, Printkeg has offered quality prints for less. It’s a top choice for those looking to make their ideas shine.

At Printkeg, getting quality prints on a budget is easy. It’s ideal for artists, photographers, and small businesses. Their range of affordable copies suits many different needs.

Their selection includes 11×14 and 11×17 art prints, as well as custom cards and canvas options. Each item is made with the best materials. This leads to prints that burst with color and sharp details.

Key Takeaways:

  • Printkeg offers affordable color copies for artists, photographers, and small businesses.
  • They provide a wide range of products, including art prints, custom cards, canvas prints, and large prints.
  • Printkeg focuses on delivering high-quality prints at low prices.
  • Their affordable color copies are versatile and suitable for various purposes.
  • With Printkeg, you can bring your ideas to life without breaking the bank.

The Benefits of Affordable Color Copies

Affordable color copies are great for both people and businesses. They are a cheap way to print in color. This means you can use beautiful colors without spending a lot.

Choosing affordable color copies is much cheaper than full-color options. You save money but still get great color prints. This is perfect for those watching their budget, like small businesses.

These copies are also very useful for many things. You can use them for marketing, events, or to show off your art. It helps your ideas look bright and attractive.

“Affordable color copies provide an excellent opportunity for businesses and individuals to showcase their creativity without the burden of hefty expenses. With discounted color prints, the possibilities are endless!”

Enhancing your marketing efforts

Affordable color copies are a vital tool in marketing. They make your materials eye-catching. This helps to get people interested in what you are offering.

You can use these prints for many marketing items. From brochures to banners, they all look more professional. This improves how others see your brand

.Color Copy Prices

Unleashing your creativity

These copies are a dream for artists, photographers, and designers. They let you share your work with the world. And these prints keep the true spirit of your creativity alive.

For selling art prints or just sharing your talent, these prints make your work pop. They catch people’s eyes and draw them in.

Cost-effective solutions for businesses

For small companies, affordable color copies are a big plus. They help keep printing costs low. This includes everything from sales materials to presentations.

Choosing these prints lets businesses save money wisely. They get to look professional without spending too much. This is important for a growing business.

Benefits of Affordable Color Copies Economical Color Copying Low-Cost Color Reproduction Discounted Color Prints
Versatility for various purposes Affordable solution for tight budgets Exceptionally vibrant and high-quality colors Cost-effective marketing materials
Preservation of artistic detail and creativity Eye-catching and captivating prints Elevated brand image and customer engagement Cost-effective solution for small businesses

Printkeg’s Product Range for Affordable Color Copies

Printkeg has a wide range of affordable color copies. They focus on quality and low prices to help your ideas shine without costing too much.

11×14 Art Prints

Printkeg’s 11×14 art prints show off your creativity brilliantly. They’re made on thick card stocks for durability and clear images. These prints are great for artists, photographers, and anyone who loves art. Use them to show off your work or brighten up a room.

11×17 Art Prints

For bigger art prints, check out Printkeg’s 11×17 selection. They keep the high-quality look with bright colors and sharp details. Perfect for art that you want to hang on your wall or sell.

Custom Cards

Printkeg makes custom cards in different sizes, like 5×7 and 8×10. They use top-quality glossy or matte card stocks for a professional finish. Whether it’s for events, invitations, or promotion, they can make your design real.

Unmounted Giclée Canvas Prints

For top-notch art or photo prints, consider Printkeg’s unmounted giclée canvas prints. They offer quality and richness, true to your original. These prints are great for both serious art lovers and casual fans, thanks to their detail and color accuracy.

Custom Large Prints

Looking for big, bold prints? Printkeg has you covered. These custom large prints are perfect for showing off photos, paintings, or drawings. They’re known for their fine detail and vivid colors, making any art piece stand out.

Printkeg’s Booklets for Affordable Color Printing

Printkeg has many printing options, like booklets for affordable color printing. You can get catalogs, manuals, workbooks, calendars, or comic books there. Their booklets use top-notch materials for the best prints.

Printkeg’s booklets make your materials look pro but won’t break the bank. They have booklets in many types, including calendars and comics. They also offer big, magazine-style booklets. Plus, you can choose from different sizes to fit your project perfectly.

Printkeg knows each project is unique. That’s why they let you customize booklets with various options. You can pick the paper stock, binding, or finishes that work for you.

Choosing Printkeg’s booklets for color printing is smart. It’s a budget-friendly way to present your products, services, or ideas. You could make catalogs to show off your items, manuals to teach your customers, workbooks to make learning fun, or calendars to keep organized.

Printkeg is all about quality in their booklets. They make sure every print is just right. Their focus on details and customer happiness make them stand out from the crowd.

For lots of affordable color printing choices, check out Printkeg’s booklets. Visit their website to get started on your creative projects.

Printkeg’s Other Affordable Printing Services

Printkeg doesn’t just do cheap color copies. They offer a lot more. You can get banners, posters, brochures, business cards, flyers, and postcards. They know these things help your business or event stand out.

Printkeg’s printing services are good for your wallet. Need something like banners for a trade show? Or maybe brochures and business cards that impress? Printkeg makes top-notch prints at low prices.

Eye-Catching Banners and Posters

Looking to make a big impact? Printkeg’s banners and posters are perfect. Use them for sales, events, or to show your art. Their wide range of sizes and materials means you can grab people’s attention in style.

Professional Brochures, Business Cards, Flyers, and Postcards

These things can really shape your brand’s image. Printkeg’s brochures, cards, flyers, and postcards do just that. They give you many designs and top-notch printing. So, you’ll leave a great impression on anyone who sees them.

Quality Posters for Art Exhibits and Events

Planning an art show or a big event? Printkeg’s posters are a great choice. They show off your work or event details with vivid color and sharp detail. Pick from various sizes and finishes to make everything look amazing.

Printkeg’s Affordable Printing Services

Printing Services Description
Banners Create eye-catching displays with vibrant banners for promotions and events.
Brochures Professional brochures that effectively represent your business or event.
Business Cards Custom business cards that leave a lasting impression on potential clients.
Flyers Eye-catching flyers to promote your business or event.
Postcards Custom postcards for sending personalized messages or promoting your business.
Posters High-quality posters for art exhibits, events, and promotional campaigns.

Printkeg makes your materials look great and meet your brand’s goals. Their focus on quality, value, and making customers happy makes them a top choice for all your printing needs.

FedEx Office’s Professional Copy & Print Services

FedEx Office is well-known for its top-notch copy and print services. They serve both people and companies. Their work is known for being high-quality and dependable. They help businesses shine by creating outstanding marketing materials.

If you’re putting on an event, selling your products, or printing something personal, FedEx Office is the place to go. They have a variety of printing services and products. This includes banners, brochures, business cards, flyers, and postcards.

The folks at FedEx Office understand how important it is to make strong and attractive materials. They use the best printing tech and materials. This way, all your printing projects will meet or beat your hopes.

If you need bright banners to talk about your business, sleek brochures to display what you do, or business cards that stick in people’s minds, FedEx Office is ready to help.

Besides their wide array of services, FedEx Office offers easy online orders and quick turnaround times. You can pick out what you need, upload your designs, and have them delivered soon after.

With FedEx Office’s help, you can make awesome marketing items. These items will really make a mark on your audience. They’ve got the skills and the heart to back you up.

Service Description
Banners Create vibrant and eye-catching banners for events and promotions.
Brochures Design and print professional brochures to showcase your products or services.
Business cards Get custom business cards that make a great first impression.
Flyers Print high-quality flyers to promote your business or event.
Postcards Create personalized postcards that capture attention and convey your message effectively.

FedEx Office’s Easy Direct Mail Services

FedEx Office knows how crucial direct mail is for getting to your audience. They make it simple with services like Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).

Direct mail gets your message straight to people’s mailboxes. EDDM lets you target specific areas without needing each address. This is great for local businesses trying to reach nearby customers.

FedEx Office stands out by letting you personalize your mail. Using custom envelopes and mailers makes your message more eye-catching. This personal touch can boost how people respond.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

EDDM by FedEx Office is an affordable way to focus on specific spots. You don’t need a list of addresses. Just pick the routes and areas around your business to target.

You can send things like postcards and flyers with EDDM. This means your promotions go right to the people who matter most. It can help bring in new leads, sales, or event attendees.

Working with EDDM at FedEx Office is straightforward. They give you everything you need, from templates to advice. It’s perfect for small businesses or event planners wanting to draw attention.

Make your direct mail special with custom envelopes from FedEx Office. They help make your mail more appealing. Plus, you can use personalized mailers to show your brand’s unique side.

“Direct mail works well when it’s made personal. FedEx Office’s EDDM service is a smart way for businesses and events to connect with their audience. Adding a personal touch with unique envelopes and mailers leaves a good memory and encourages action.”

– Jane Smith, Marketing Manager

Key Benefits of Direct Mail and EDDM

There are lots of pluses to direct mail and EDDM for businesses and events:

  • Target the people you want to with EDDM by choosing specific areas.
  • Make your mail more engaging with personalized envelopes and designs.
  • Direct mail gives people something they can touch and feel.
  • Choose from various formats like postcards, brochures, or catalogs.
  • It’s a way to stand out as there is less competition than online.

With FedEx Office’s direct mail services, you can use the power of EDDM to truly connect with your audience. This can boost engagement and results for your business or event.

FedEx Office’s Custom Solutions and Locations

FedEx Office creates custom printing just for you. We meet your needs with specific sizes, quantities, or paper choices. With many locations across the U.S., using our services is easy.

Custom Printing Solutions

Every project is unique at FedEx Office. We offer many custom printing solutions for your needs. From brochures to banners, our team helps your ideas shine. We can do unique sizes and use different finishes to make your print materials stand out.

Convenient Locations

Find a print center easily with FedEx Office’s many locations. There’s likely one nearby, wherever you are. Our places have the latest in print tech and experts who are ready to help you. Getting your print jobs done is easy with us.

Why Choose FedEx Office?

FedEx Office is trusted for its custom printing. We’re all about quality, reliability, and on-time delivery. Our goal is to delight you with our printing services. We have advanced tech, a wide range of options, and convenient locations.

Get Started Today

Discover FedEx Office for all your printing needs. Visit us or check out our website to learn more. We’re your reliable partner for the best in custom printing.

Printkeg’s Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

At Printkeg, we are committed to making you happy. We know quality prints are vital. Because of this, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our items.

Not pleased with the quality or anything else in your order? Reach out. We’ll fix it till you’re happy. We aim to exceed your hopes, whether by reprinting or refunding.

Quality Prints without Compromise

Printkeg promises the finest print quality for your designs. Our advanced technology brings out bright colors and clean lines. Plus, we use top-notch materials for prints that last.

We offer these top-notch prints at friendly prices. We keep things affordable but never sacrifice quality. Our secret? Smart recycling, big inventories, and low markups. This makes us different from the rest.

Printkeg: Your Trusted Printing Partner

Choosing Printkeg means choosing the best for your prints. We aim to deliver an amazing experience that meets your needs. Our printing experts are here to help whenever you need.

Our promise is simple: great quality prints at prices you’ll love. This is why so many people trust Printkeg. Discover the Printkeg difference today.

Printkeg’s Additional Features and Customer Testimonials

Printkeg offers cool extras to make printing better. They let you pick special paper for your prints. You can choose from different kinds to get just the right look. From smooth to glossy, they have what you need.

Printing can be easy with Printkeg’s payment options. They take regular payments like credit cards and PayPal. Plus, you can use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This makes paying hassle-free and flexible for everyone.

But don’t just believe us – customers love Printkeg too. They praise the fast delivery and great quality prints. Plus, they love how Printkeg’s team is always helpful. The good feedback they get shows how much people trust and like Printkeg.


What are the benefits of affordable color copies?

Affordable color copies save money. They’re cheaper than full-color prints. This helps those on a budget. They suit many needs, like for marketing or art.

What products does Printkeg offer for affordable color copies?

Printkeg has a lot for color copies. They offer sizes like 11×14 and 11×17. You can get custom cards, canvas prints, and large prints too.

Can I print affordable color booklets with Printkeg?

Yes, you can print colorful booklets at Printkeg. They have calendars, comic books, and big booklets. These use high-quality materials and come in many sizes.

What other printing services does Printkeg offer?

Printkeg does more than just color copies. They print banners and posters for events. You can also get brochures, business cards, and more.

What services does FedEx Office provide?

FedEx Office is great for copying and printing. They do banners, brochures, and business cards well. They also handle direct mail with services like EDDM.

Does FedEx Office offer custom solutions for printing?

Yes, FedEx Office can meet your printing needs. They offer varied sizes, quantities, and paper choices. Their many locations make it easy to get service.

Does Printkeg offer a satisfaction guarantee?

Indeed, Printkeg guarantees you’ll love your prints. They promise 100% satisfaction. If not, they’ll reprint or refund your order.

What additional features does Printkeg offer?

Printkeg has more perks for your prints. You can pick from various paper options. They also accept cryptocurrencies and PayPal for payments.

Are there customer testimonials for Printkeg’s services?

Many have praised Printkeg for their quality and service. Happy customers’ testimonials show their trust and satisfaction with Printkeg.

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