FedEx is known for its reputable printing services, catering to various needs. If you’re curious about how much do color copies cost at FedEx, you’re in the right spot. We will explain FedEx’s color copy prices, helping you plan your projects with ease.

Need color copies for work or personal reasons? FedEx Office is ready to help. They offer easy-to-use in-store copy and print services. This means you get quality color copies when you need them. But, you might wonder about the cost.

Let’s explore FedEx color copy costs together. This way, you can budget for your upcoming print job.

Key Takeaways:

  • FedEx has various color copy price options for customers
  • Color copy prices may change based on size, paper, and how many you need
  • You can choose extra custom and finishing options for a fee
  • Ordering online? Shipping costs will be added to your color copy total
  • Discounts for big orders and businesses are available

In-Store Copy & Print Services

FedEx has copy and print services at their FedEx Office spots. You can make color copies for business, school, or just for yourself. FedEx handles your print needs swiftly and well.

At a FedEx Office, you find many print choices. The cost for color copies varies by these factors:

  • The size of the copies
  • The paper type
  • How many copies you need

You can pick what fits your needs and wallet by looking at these things. The staff at FedEx Office will help you pick the paper, size, and finish you need for your copies.

To understand the costs, here’s an example of FedEx color copy pricing:

Quantity Price per Copy
1-49 $0.69
50-99 $0.59
100 or more $0.49

Remember, prices can change. Extra services like lamination or binding cost more. Talk to the FedEx Office staff for the latest prices and options.

Now, let’s look at the copy options and costs at FedEx.

Available Options and Pricing

FedEx offers a wide array of color copy options. You can choose full-color or black and white. They also have different paper types like laser and recycled. Plus, there are various sizes for any project you might have.

The cost of color copies at FedEx varies. It depends on what you pick, like paper type, weight, and size. To get the latest prices, talk to a FedEx rep or visit their site.

color copies cheap

Color Copying Options and Pricing

Color Copying Options Pricing
Full-color copies Pricing varies based on size, paper weight, and finishing options
Black and white copies Pricing varies based on size and paper weight
Paper options Pricing varies based on paper type and weight
Finishing options (e.g., lamination, binding) Additional charges may apply
Size options Pricing varies based on the chosen size

The table shows how FedEx’s color copy prices change with different choices. Keep these details in mind to stay within your budget and meet your project’s needs.

Customization and Finishing Solutions

FedEx Office knows every color copy project is unique. They offer many customization options and finishing solutions. You can get lamination for durability or binding for a professional look. FedEx Office has everything you need.

Choose the customization level you want for your color copies. Consider lamination to protect and enhance your copies. It gives them a glossy, professional finish that will impress.

Binding makes your presentation look polished. FedEx Office has different binding options like spiral and comb binding. These options make your color copies look organized and professional. Whether for a presentation, a booklet, or a manual, binding keeps your pages together.

Remember, customization and finishing solutions have extra charges. These are added to your color copy costs. The total cost depends on the customization extent and finishing type. FedEx Office promises clear pricing so you know the cost upfront.

Customization and Finishing Options at FedEx Office:

Customization/Finishing Option Description Additional Charges
Lamination Adds a protective and glossy finish to your color copies Varies based on size and quantity of copies
Binding Keeps your color copies organized and gives them a professional look Varies based on type of binding and page count

FedEx Office’s solutions add professionalism to your color copies. You can protect documents, make presentations stunning, or give copies a professional look. FedEx Office offers the expertise and options you need.

Shipping Estimates

Ordering color copies from FedEx online requires shipping info for accurate estimates. Shipping costs are added to your color copy total. Your location and shipping method decide the final shipping cost.

Note: The image above illustrates the shipping process for color copies at FedEx.

Same Day and Next Day Printing

FedEx Office knows time matters when you need color copies. We offer same day and next day printing for our customers. So, whether it’s a last-minute project or an urgent need, we’re here to help.

With our same day printing, your color copies are ready quickly. Just place your order by the cutoff time. We’ll ensure your copies are printed on the same day.

For even faster service, our next day printing promises your copies the next business day. This way, you get your prints fast and with great quality.

Our printing services are all about convenience and flexibility. Need copies for a presentation or campaign fast? We can get you high-quality color copies quickly.

Remember, quick printing means extra charges. The cost for same day or next day printing changes with the order. It depends on how many, the type of paper, and more.

At FedEx Office, quick and quality printing is what we do. Our same day and next day services help you meet deadlines without losing quality.

Choosing FedEx Office means reliable, fast printing for your color copies. Our quick services help with your pressing project needs.

Corporate and Volume Discounts

FedEx knows what businesses and people need when they order a lot of color copies. We give special discounts for large orders. This lets you spend less on your total color copy needs.

Our corporate discount plan offers special prices for businesses printing many color copies. This is great for marketing materials, presentations, or business papers. With our discounts, you can save money and keep your spending on track.

If you need many color copies for personal use, check out our volume discounts. This is perfect for personal projects or events. You’ll get great prices, making it easier to print what you need without spending too much.

Using our discounts, you can save money and still enjoy our excellent printing services. We aim to give you high-quality color copies at good prices. We want your printing experience to be easy and affordable.

To learn more, talk to our team at any FedEx Office. They can tell you more and help you find the best option for your color copy needs.

Get a Quote Today!

Want to save with our discounts? Get a custom quote for your color copy job. Our experts at the National Bid Center will give you a competitive price based on what you need.

Just share your project details with the National Bid Center. They will help you out and make sure you get a quote that fits your budget.

Don’t miss the chance to spend less on your color copies. Use our discounts and get quality printing at a good price from FedEx Office.

Discount Program Eligibility Discount Percentage
Corporate Discount Businesses Varies based on volume and frequency of orders
Volume Discount Individuals Varies based on volume of copies

National Bid Center

FedEx Office has a National Bid Center for customers who need many high-quality color copies. Printing experts there create price quotes that match what you need and can afford. They know all about big color copy jobs and can help you find smart, cheap ways to get them done.

At this center, you’re working with pros who really get color copying and printing. They’ll work closely with you. This makes sure your color copy projects are done well and on time. They meet the top standards.

If you’re planning a big marketing push, a company event, or any big color copy need, head to the National Bid Center. They give you precise cost estimates and expert advice. The focus here is on giving great value and service. This way, every customer ends up happy with their project.

Benefits of the National Bid Center:

  • Customized price quotes based on specific requirements and budget
  • Expert advice and guidance from printing professionals
  • Efficient and cost-effective solutions for complex color copy needs
  • Access to high-quality printing technology and resources

Working with the National Bid Center means your color copy projects are in skilled hands. You’ll get good prices and great service. The National Bid Center aims to make every color copy project the best it can be, no matter how big or complex.

Benefits of the National Bid Center
Customized price quotes based on specific requirements and budget
Expert advice and guidance from printing professionals
Efficient and cost-effective solutions for complex color copy needs
Access to high-quality printing technology and resources

High-Quality Printing and Finishing

FedEx Office is proud of its high-quality printing and finishing services for color copies. They use top-notch equipment and have skilled staff. This ensures every color copy upholds high professionalism and excellence.

Choosing FedEx means your color copies will look good and leave a lasting impression. You can rely on the final product to be visually appealing and well-finished.

print color copies at home

FedEx Office is dedicated to quality and quick service for color copies. Thanks to digital connections, they offer same-day in-store pickup or delivery within 24 hours.

Whether for work, marketing, or personal use, FedEx Office quickly delivers precise copies. They understand the need for fast, accurate color copies.

FedEx Office uses the latest tech and materials for quality color copies. Their equipment makes vibrant colors and clear text. This adds impact to your documents.

They offer many paper options and finishes, allowing custom color copies. You can choose glossy or matte to get the look and feel you want.

Your color copies from FedEx Office will be professional and polished. Each copy is checked for quality before you pick it up.

With FedEx Office, your color copies will stand out. Use them for business, marketing, or personal projects to make a strong visual impact.

Convenience and Efficiency

FedEx makes getting color copies easy and fast, which is great for all your printing needs. There are more than 2,000 FedEx Office locations across the country. So, finding one nearby to quickly make your color copies is simple.

Need color copies for work or personal reasons? FedEx has you covered with same day and next day printing. These fast options are ideal for last-minute needs. Plus, you can pick up your copies at a FedEx Office whenever it’s convenient for you.

FedEx is not just about speed; they also focus on being efficient. Thanks to their digital network, most orders are done in less than 24 hours. This means you won’t have to wait long for your color copies.

No matter if you’re a student with a due project, a store owner needing ads, or just someone who wants color prints for personal use, FedEx gets how important your time is. They make sure their service is quick and meets your needs well.

Try FedEx for fast and efficient service for your color copying needs.

Expert Advice and Assistance

FedEx Office knows how vital it is to give expert help and personal aid for your color copying needs. Our team at FedEx Office locales is eager to aid you in making smart choices. They work hard to ensure you get top-quality outcomes for your color copies.

If you’re curious about paper types, finishes, or how to personalize your copies, our crew is here for you. We give advice tailored to your specific needs and likes. This guarantees you get the finest color copies possible.

There are many paper types available, each with different weights and looks. Our experts will help you pick the best one for your project. They know whether a shiny or a smooth look matches your needs better.

If customization like lamination or bookbinding is what you need, we’re on it. Our staff will break down your options and how much they cost. We always keep our pricing clear so you can choose without stressing over your budget.

FedEx Office takes pride in offering standout customer service. Every print project is unique, and we’re here to help you nail it. Our team is committed to giving you great results and ensuring your color copies go beyond your hopes.

So, for any advice on choosing paper, finessing your finishing touches, or anything about color copying, come to FedEx Office. We’re ready to share our expertise and support. We’ll help you make impressive color copies.

Benefits of Expert Advice and Assistance at FedEx Office
Access to knowledgeable staff members
Guidance on paper options and finishes
Assistance with customization choices
Transparent pricing information
Exceptional customer service


Knowing how much FedEx color copy pricing is helps with planning your budget. It’s key when you need to make print projects that stand out. FedEx Office helps customers by offering various choices. These choices ensure you can get the colorful prints you want.

FedEx has different prices for their color printing services. What you pay can change based on things like paper size, paper type, and how many copies you order. You can choose extra features like lamination or binding to make your copies even better.

Ordering color copies from FedEx online means you’ll need to give your shipping details. This helps you get a correct estimate of shipping costs. These costs will add to your final bill. FedEx Office can also do quick printing in a day or the next day, but it might cost more.

For those who need a lot of color copies, FedEx has special deals. These discounts can lower your expenses. FedEx Office is also there to help with advice and support. They ensure you know your options and get the best quality prints.


How much do color copies cost at FedEx?

The cost of color copies at FedEx changes based on size, paper type, and the number you need. The best way to get accurate prices is by visiting a FedEx Office or checking their website.

Does FedEx offer in-store copy and print services?

Yes, FedEx has in-store copy and print services available at FedEx Office locations.

What options and pricing are available for color copies at FedEx?

FedEx gives you choices like full-color or black and white, different paper types, and sizes. The cost depends on what options you pick.

What additional customization and finishing solutions does FedEx offer for color copies?

You can add lamination or binding to your color copies at FedEx. These extra services will cost more, adding to your total.

How much does shipping cost for color copies at FedEx?

Shipping costs for color copies from FedEx vary based on where you are and which shipping you choose. You must give shipping info online for an exact price.

Are there expedited printing options available for color copies at FedEx?

FedEx offers same day and next day printing for color copies, but it will cost extra. The price for fast printing depends on your order details.

Are there corporate and volume discounts available for color copies at FedEx?

Yes, FedEx has discounts for businesses and large orders. How much you save depends on your order size and how often you order.

What is the National Bid Center for color copying at FedEx?

For big jobs, you can get help from the FedEx Office National Bid Center. They’ll give you a price quote based on what you need.

Does FedEx Office provide high-quality printing and finishing for color copies?

Indeed, FedEx Office is known for top-notch printing and finishing. They can have orders ready quickly, often the same day or by the next day for pickup.

How convenient and efficient is it to get color copies done at FedEx?

FedEx is convenient and efficient with over 2,000 locations. Their fast printing and pickup options make it easy to get color copies when you need them.

Does FedEx Office provide expert advice and assistance for color copying?

Yes, FedEx Office staff can guide you through choices on paper, finishes, and more. They’ll help you get the best out of your color copying projects.

How can I budget effectively for my color copy projects at FedEx?

To budget well for color copies at FedEx, know their prices and options. Understanding what’s available allows you to make smart choices and find good prices.

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