How Much Do Color Copies Cost? Color copies are important, both for businesses and individuals. But, the cost is always a concern. People often wonder if they can get color prints that are both good and affordable.

At My Color Copies, we make sure you don’t have to choose between cost and quality. Need color copies for anything—from brochures and flyers to menus and wedding invites? We’re here to help.

We’ll look into how much color copies cost. And, we’ll find the best deals to fit your needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • The cost of color copies per page varies depending on factors such as quantity, size, paper type, and finishing options.
  • My Color Copies offers affordable color printing services that don’t compromise on quality.
  • Color copies can enhance presentations and marketing materials, making them stand out.
  • Color brochures, flyers, banners, newsletters, menus, posters, funeral programs, and wedding invitations can captivate the audience and set businesses apart.
  • My Color Copies specializes in high-quality printing for small businesses, events, and personal use.

Color Copies Cheap

At My Color Copies, we know you need top-notch color copies without spending a lot. Our goal is to offer printing that looks great and won’t empty your wallet. With the latest in printing tech, your prints will pop and make people remember them.

Small businesses and individuals alike will find our affordable color copies perfect for their needs. Good printing should be within everyone’s reach, and we make that possible.

Why settle for dull and lackluster copies when you can have vibrant and eye-catching prints?

Make an Impact with High-Quality Color Copies

Color copies catch the eye and make your message clear. The bright colors and clear images help your designs stand out. They get people to notice and engage.

Choosing My Color Copies means you get the best. Our advanced printers make sure each copy is perfect, with colors that jump off the page. Your prints will look professional and capture attention.

Cost to Print Color Copies

From brochures to posters, our color copies will boost your materials. They’ll make a strong impact on anyone who sees them.

Elevate your presentations and marketing materials with our high-quality and affordable color copies.

Color Brochures

Color brochures can leave a big impact when it comes to marketing. My Color Copies offers top-quality color brochure printing. This helps businesses stand out. Our brochures come with beautiful graphics and designs that catch the eye of those you want to reach.

These brochures are great for showing off what you offer. They work well for promoting products, events, or sharing info about your company. The mix of great visuals and useful info makes our brochures a strong marketing tool. They captivate and engage your audience effectively.

Our skilled designers are ready to create a brochure that shows off your brand. We know how important it is to have graphics that not only look good but share your message well. We focus on every detail, including layout, typography, colors, and images. This makes sure your brochure gets noticed.

For printing, we use the latest technology and high-quality materials for great results. Our process makes your graphics vibrant and full of life. You can also choose from different paper types and finishes. This adds a professional touch to your brochures.

At My Color Copies, we’re all about great service and high-quality printing at good prices. Our brochure printing is made to fit the unique needs of businesses. This lets you make an impact without spending too much.

Don’t miss the chance to make brochures that will grab people’s attention. Contact My Color Copies today. Find out more about our services and start making marketing materials that people will remember.

Color Flyers

Color flyers are key for small business marketing. My Color Copies excels in producing high-quality color flyers. These flyers are great for making your business stand out.

They are vibrant and catch people’s eye. Color flyers show off what you offer in a memorable way. They are perfect for sales, new products, or boosting your brand.

print color copies

The Power of Color Flyers

Color flyers pull in customers and get them to act. They make your business pop compared to others. With these flyers, you can share your message, shape your brand, and connect with customers.

“Color flyers are an effective and affordable way to reach our target audience. With My Color Copies, we get high-quality printing at competitive prices, allowing us to create impactful promotional materials and stay within our budget.” – Lisa Thompson, Small Business Owner

We have lots of choices to match what you need. You can pick different papers and styles to fit your brand. Our experts make sure your flyers look top-notch, focusing on every detail. This means professional-looking flyers every time.

Why Choose My Color Copies?

  • High-quality printing for vivid and vibrant color flyers that make an impact
  • Flexible options to personalize your flyers and showcase your brand
  • Competitive prices that fit your small business budget
  • Excellent customer service to guide you through the printing process
  • Fast turnaround time to meet your marketing deadlines
Benefits of Color Flyers Small Business Marketing Large Corporations
Eye-catching designs Increase brand visibility Enhance brand recognition
Budget-friendly advertising Attract new customers Target specific demographics
Quick and easy distribution Promote special offers Announce product launches

Choosing My Color Copies for your color flyers is wise for small businesses. Our top-quality printing, great prices, and amazing service make us your best choice. We’re here to help you make impressive color flyers that work well and boost your marketing.


Custom banners grab your audience’s attention and leave a lasting mark. My Color Copies excels in high-quality banner printing for businesses and events. These banners are perfect for promoting your brand or event.

Our banners stand out with vibrant colors and sharp images, thanks to advanced printing technology. With our large banners, your message will catch everyone’s eye.

Banners need to make an immediate impact for event promotions. We make custom banners to fit your exact needs. Our banners are great for any event, like conferences or music festivals, drawing people’s attention.

We also provide various finishing touches to make your banners more durable and attractive. Options like eyelets and reinforced edges ensure your banners last longer and look great.

custom large posters 2024

Why Choose Our Custom Banners?

  1. Versatility: Our banners are perfect for many uses, like retail promotions and special events. They work both indoors and outdoors.
  2. High-Quality Printing: With advanced technology and premium materials, our banners look professional and eye-catching. We focus on details and color to impress your audience.
  3. Customization Options: We offer full customization, from size to design, to match your needs. You can turn your vision into reality with us.
  4. Durable and Weather-Resistant: Designed for all conditions, our banners deliver your message clearly, no matter the weather.
  5. Quick Turnaround Time: We promise fast delivery without sacrificing quality. Count on us to meet your deadlines.

My Color Copies commits to top-notch banners for businesses or events. We combine professional printing with strong customer service. Contact us to craft stunning banners that make an unforgettable impact.


My Color Copies offers top-notch newsletter printing services. These are great for keeping communities informed and engaged. Our color newsletters make your news and events pop, grabbing your audience’s attention.

Our newsletters are both beautiful and informative, designed to speak to your readers and boost community involvement. They are perfect for any business, organization, or non-profit looking to share their message attractively.

Color newsletters are a powerful tool for community engagement. They let businesses and organizations share key info, promote events, and showcase achievements in a captivating way.

We know how vital it is to connect with your audience. That’s why we’re committed to offering top-quality newsletter prints that are both pretty and full of info.

Who Makes Color Copies

Our team uses the latest technology and best materials to make sure your newsletters look amazing. No matter how many you need, we have flexible printing options to fit your requirements.

Community Engagement Through Newsletters

Newsletters are an amazing way to feel connected with your community. They let you share important content and updates, strengthening relationships and increasing participation.

Here are some ways newsletters can boost community engagement:

  1. They keep residents up-to-date with local news and events
  2. They provide educational content and resources
  3. They promote community initiatives and programs
  4. They share success stories and recognize community members

Designing Colorful and Informative Newsletters

Turning to our graphic designers, you’ll get help creating newsletters that look great. They work with you on layouts, colors, and graphics that catch the eye.

We understand the unique needs and branding goals of each organization. That’s why we offer both customizable templates and options for a totally unique design. Our mission is to help you craft newsletters that truly represent your brand and bring your audience together. Thanks to vibrant colors and high-quality materials, your newsletters will surely stand out and have a big impact.

Choose My Color Copies for your community engagement efforts. Get in touch today to find out more about our newsletter printing services and how we can help you reach out to your audience effectively.


At My Color Copies, we offer top-notch menu printing that makes dining special. Our high-quality, full-color printing elevates businesses’ menus. They don’t just show food options; they also set the scene for a memorable meal.

Menus do more than list meals and drinks. They’re key to the dining experience. Our team focuses on every design and printing detail. We cover layout, typography, colors, and food photos. Our goal is to grab customers’ attention and improve their meal.

“A well-designed menu is not just a functional piece; it’s an opportunity to engage customers and convey the unique essence of your establishment.” – John Smith, Restaurant Owner

Our advanced printing tech and premium paper make menus look professional and high-quality. The colorful printing shows off your dishes beautifully. We ensure menus are smooth to touch, leaving a great impression.

We serve all kinds of dining places, from upscale restaurants to casual cafes. Whether you’re opening a new spot, updating your menu, or hosting an event, we’re here to help.

Choose My Color Copies for your menu needs. Let us help you showcase your dishes and make dining better for your customers.


Want to make your favorite photos into amazing wall art? My Color Copies offers expert poster printing. Turn your photos into gorgeous décor pieces. Whether it’s a family picture or a stunning landscape, our prints make images come alive.

Posters are perfect for both personal use and business promotions. They catch people’s eyes and boost visibility.

Choosing our poster printing means you get:

  • High-definition prints capturing every detail
  • Bright colors to make images stand out
  • Various sizes to meet your needs
  • Strong paper for lasting quality

Create lasting wall art and advertise your events with our services. Let your pictures shine and impress with our quality printing.

Get Inspired: Examples of Stunning Wall Art

“I ordered a wedding photo poster from My Color Copies and was thrilled! The colors pop, and the quality is amazing. It’s now the centerpiece of our living room, wowing our guests. Thanks, My Color Copies, for turning a precious moment into incredible art!” – Sarah G.

Poster Printing Pricing

Poster Size Price
11″ x 17″ $9.99
16″ x 20″ $14.99
18″ x 24″ $19.99
24″ x 36″ $29.99

Note: Prices may change depending on paper and finish choices.

Funeral Programs

Creating a heartfelt tribute is key when we mourn. At My Color Copies, we know how important funeral programs are. They commemorate the life and celebrate the legacy of those who have passed. We focus on beautiful design and detail in our printing services.

We have skilled designers ready to work with you. They’ll make sure your funeral program reflects your loved one’s unique personality. You can choose between a traditional or modern design. We’re here to bring your vision to life.

cheap funeral programs

Choosing our service means you get:

  • Professional Design: Our designers craft visually appealing programs. They pay tribute to your loved one’s life.
  • Customization Options: Fonts, colors, layouts, and graphics—you can customize. Create a truly unique funeral program.
  • High-Quality Printing: We use top-notch technology and premium paper. Your program will have exceptional clarity and durability.
  • Prompt Delivery: We’re fast and efficient, knowing you’re preparing for the funeral.

“The beauty of a well-designed funeral program lies in its ability to capture the essence of a person’s life and provide solace to grieving family and friends.”

At My Color Copies, we take great care in your time of need. Trust us to treat this task with the utmost professionalism. Our aim is to give you a keepsake that means something to everyone at the service.

Let us help you honor your loved one with a beautiful tribute. Contact us to discuss how we can make a special commemoration for your loved one’s life.

Wedding Invitations

Your wedding day is a special occasion that deserves to be celebrated in style. My Color Copies offers top-notch wedding invitation printing services. These services help you create elegant and memorable invitations for your big day.

Our team is committed to quality and unbeatable prices. We make sure your wedding invitations look stunning while staying within your budget. Our talented designers will work closely with you. They aim to bring your vision to life through invitations that reflect your style and wedding essence.

Attention to detail is key in wedding invitation printing. We use the finest materials and techniques for a flawless finish. Our range offers traditional to modern styles, ensuring a perfect match for your taste.

Our designs are elegant and full of sophistication and charm. Choose from classic floral motifs to minimalist typography based on your wedding theme. With customizable colors, fonts, and paper, your invitations will be unique and personalized.

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but we make it easy. Our streamlined process and dedicated support ensure a stress-free experience. Just choose a design, give us your details, and we’ll handle the rest. Your wedding invitations will arrive on time.

cheap wedding inviations

Don’t settle for ordinary invitations. With My Color Copies, create invitations that impress your guests. Contact us today to start on your wedding invitations and make your dream wedding come true.

Color Copy Pricing

At My Color Copies, we aim to be clear about our prices. We know cost matters when you’re printing. So, we ensure our color copies are both high-quality and easy on the wallet.

Prices for color copies can change based on how many you need, their size, and the type of paper you pick. We have set prices that meet different printing needs and budgets.

If you’re ordering a lot, we’ve got discounts for you. This way, getting your color copies is even more affordable. It’s perfect for businesses, groups, and individuals alike.

We also make ordering easy with a flat shipping rate of $9. This way, you get your copies fast without spending a lot on shipping.

Choosing My Color Copies means you’re picking value and quality. Our prices are competitive, but our prints are top-notch. We make sure you get what you deserve.

Get started today and experience our cost-effective color copy services!

Color Copy Pricing Overview

Quantity Price per Page
1-249 $0.26
250-499 $0.22
500-1499 $0.19
1500+ $0.16

Color Copies Cheap: The Place to Print Inexpensive Color Copies

Looking for budget-friendly color copies? My Color Copies has got you covered. We blend affordability with quality seamlessly. Get expert advice on making your designs print-ready without breaking the bank.

We show you how to align perfectly, use space wisely, and pick the best file type. Plus, choosing cheaper paper and digital printing for small batches saves more. Don’t forget to check your designs before printing to ensure top quality.

Choose My Color Copies for your printing needs without spending a lot. From brochures to wedding invites, we promise high-quality prints that fit your budget. Let us handle your printing projects and watch your ideas come to life.


How much do color copies cost?

The price of color copies changes with how many you need, their size, and the paper used. To get an exact cost, reach out to My Color Copies with your project’s details.

Are there any affordable color printing options available?

Yes, My Color Copies has options that are easy on your wallet but still look great. They help you get the materials you need without going over budget.

What services does My Color Copies offer for color copying?

My Color Copies can help you with many projects. They print brochures, flyers, banners, and more. Even wedding invitations and funeral programs can be made.

How can color copies make an impact?

Color copies grab attention with their bright and bold images. My Color Copies uses the latest tech to make sure your copies pop and make a memorable impact.

How can color brochures benefit my business?

Color brochures pull readers in and set you apart from the rest. They’re a key marketing tool. They present your offerings in an attractive way.

How can color flyers help small businesses?

Color flyers catch people’s eyes and promote what you’re selling. They help small businesses spread their message and get noticed.

How can custom banners benefit businesses and events?

Custom banners are key for drawing attention. They make a strong statement. My Color Copies lets businesses and events stand out with attractive banners.

What are the benefits of printing color newsletters?

Color newsletters make information pop. They’re perfect for letting people know what’s happening. They keep your community interested and involved.

How can color menus enhance the dining experience?

Color menus make choosing food more enjoyable. They show off your dishes in an appealing way. This sets the stage for a great meal.

How can posters make a visual impact?

Posters turn memories into eye-catching art. They can also promote events effectively. They bring more visibility to what you want to showcase.

Do you provide funeral program printing services?

Yes, we create beautiful funeral programs. They honor loved ones with care. Our designs make these tributes special and visually appealing.

Can you assist with wedding invitation printing?

Definitely, we offer services for wedding invitations. Invitations are crucial for a memorable day. We provide elegant designs at great prices.

How is the pricing determined for color copies?

The price per page for color copies depends on several things. This includes how many you order and the paper you choose. My Color Copies gives clear prices and discounts for big orders.

How can I optimize my design for efficient color printing?

To make color printing efficient, focus on design alignment and use of space. Choose the right file format and paper. For small print runs, consider digital printing. Always check your designs before printing.

Where can I find cost-effective color copies?

For affordable color copies, look no further than My Color Copies. They aim for customer happiness with their prices. This makes them the go-to for budget-friendly color copies.

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